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Dear Parents, It’s not Miley’s fault.

I won’t dignify this with a picture; we all know what she looked like and if you don’t, you can find it on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or the news. Or anywhere people seem to be outraged over how Miley could have ruined herself for her hordes of idolaters.

Let me put it succinctly: if you are looking at popular culture for role models for your children you should probably turn off the the t.v. and re-evaluate your parenting skills.

Why was anyone shocked? Isn’t this what we have come to expect in our entertainers, particularly those we have watched grow up on fluffy sitcoms? She lived up to our current standards. If you don’t like it, perhaps we should consider setting our standards a little higher.


One thought on “Dear Parents, It’s not Miley’s fault.

  1. I completely agree. The minute she turned 18, she was instantly sexualized. “Hey, look – I’m not a child anymore!” As long as people are clicking on her links and gasping when they see her outfits, she will stay relevant. We should have turned the TV off years ago.

    I have no children yet, but I’ve seen a few Hannah Montana episodes. Parents either weren’t in the episode or, when they were, they were ridiculed and laughed at by the children. What is that saying to the children watching this show? Then, once she turned 18, she stripped down and said to all men, “It’s ok to think I’m sexy! I’m legal.” That seems to be the design.

    We are very particular about what shows we watch. For the most part, we would rather be working in the yard or being “crafty”. Got rid of our cell phones last month – very liberating.

    Posted by laurenmississippi | August 29, 2013, 11:37

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