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Politics and Parenting. (serious stuff)

It’s that time again.

We are saturated already and we really haven’t gotten to the prime season yet. So how do you talk to your kids about what is all over the television right now? (or, if you’re like my crew and not a t.v. family, all over the radio, internet, mass media, bumper stickers, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseous.)

They see one candidate and they wonder, “Why is he so angry?” Then they see another and wonder, “Why is she so angry?” Then I start to wonder, “Why are they so angry?” At what point does appearing virtually irate mean you are truly serious about what you are talking about? Who made that decision?

Chill out people.

I am not sure when upset = serious, but I think it’s long past time to show people that passion does not have to be an angry endeavor and it is ok to take something seriously while smiling. Perhaps we (as a people) decided sarcasm was the default when someone displayed humor? Passion is an intense emotion whether it appears in politics, life, love, or careers; no one said we have to be angry about it.


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